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Lingerie to satisfy all feminine circumstances

Body Lingerie Luxxa Piment vert Mixt

luxxa ligne vierge

Welcome to our site presenting the collections of the French lingerie brand LUXXA (100% made in France). You will find the entire Luxxa collection and you will be able to order the model(s) of your choice.


Luxxa presents its collections

Collections with glamorous and sexy details, as many ways to redefine an extremely feminine look.

Between shiny rhinestones and jewel-like lingerie, Luxxa's spring collection multiplies the models designed as objects of art and style. Tulle, lace, rhinestones or chains, small embroidered flowers and silky guipures, a swirl of ruffles, a breath of lacing, a full and untied embroidery, fishnet and why not a luxurious tattoo effect.


This could be the inventory of a haberdashery, it is in fact some of the materials and small treasures constituting the bodies of decorations of Luxxa lingerie, a French label (100% made in France) which, since 2002, stands out thanks to an exceptional requirement of ornaments and creativity. If we had to describe the new Capeline spring line, we would have to use a series of adjectives synonymous with glamour and sexy, as this collection is an example of how to satisfy all feminine circumstances. Luxxa has acquired a reputation thanks to its quality production, as creative, yet wearable, lingerie requires a combination of eccentricity and solid technicians. The structure is essential to ensure comfort and support. If it's not perfect, it doesn't work... A combination that works very well for Luxxa, hence another new collection that looks as attractive as jewellery: of a value that seems absolute.

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Ens. String Lingerie Luxxa Sagittaire

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